Our Director, Nikita Vervelde, joins the NextGen 1 Program by GO BEYOND as their very first Young Adult Deal Leader.

Joining the NextGen 1 Program by Go Beyond, Nikita Vervelde will be a pioneer in launching an angel investing program targeted specifically at enabling the next generation of angel investors, whether junior or senior. She will join as the very first Young Adult Deal Leader and is looking forward to play a key role.

We had a quick chance to interview her and find out her thoughts on the program and angel investing, see what she has to say below: 

Why is Angel Investing Your Passion? "Being an angel investor allows me to really engage with the startup community. It brings a different focus to my relationships with entrepreneurs and talent within the community. As an angel investor, I am empowered by gaining access to exciting startups. Each investment involves 3 aspects which I love: people, innovation, and impact."

What will you bring to the NextGen1 community? "I hope to bring a fresh perspective whilst helping to find deals that will make both money and a big impact! As an IT & Innovation Specialist Recruitment Consultant, my entire days are consumed with meeting and evaluating entrepreneurs and their startup growth potential, allowing me greater access to deals. As a consultant, I am excited by the prospect of coaching and training involved in the program and the far-reaching opportunities and potential scalability of the program! I cannot wait to get started."

NextGen 1 is an exciting program designed to enable the next generation of angel investors. The program will be facilitated by experienced business angels and deal leaders who will train you about becoming a business angel and help you build an appropriate portfolio of startups. If this interests you and you want to hear more about the program, just let us know or register your interest using this form: https://gobeyondinvesting.typeform.com/to/uNjTN !