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JV & Partners has a significant track record in providing bespoke talent and business planning solutions for early stage technology start-ups interested in growth at scale. Our specialists work together with you, to bring forward strategic developments for your business.

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Our Story

We want to be the bespoke partner of choice for high growth tech enterprises in Europe and Africa, from launch to IPO, enabling efficient and strategic growth as well as career opportunities for early stage technology enterprises and tech professionals


Rethinking Your Partners in Growth

The best part of what we do is getting hands-on with clients & candidates, understanding what drives their vision and how we can help. We combine extensive experience with a love for startups, to deliver talent and business planning solutions based on data, conviction and research. We provide you a competitive edge.


A wide personal network within the gaming, technology, and marketing sectors that really helped our company to find crucial staff.

— Magnus Grangvist, CEO Bublar Group AB